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About Iwako & Dream Japanese Erasers

Safety Notice: Recyclable, non-toxic, non-PVC, Lead-Free, no phthalate, no paint, no latex, no pollution, recyclable packaging, original designs, 100% made in Japan in clean environment. Small parts, not for children under 8 years old. No short cut, no compromise, no excuse, only the best from BC Iwako.

Beware Of Counterfeits: HOW TO SPOT A FAKE
1- If it says “Made in China”, it is a fake! Real ones say “Made in Japan.”
2- Packaging is not as nice, often in English, but some copied our packaging word for word and every details, but the small print in the back says “Made in China.” Real ones has original packaging in Japanese and says “Made in Japan.”
3- Quality is poor, rough edges, poor fit and often heavy. Real ones are top quality.
4- Not from BC Iwako USA. Real ones are from BC only, the original distributor.

Note: However, many of the Kawaii & Lemon Erasers are “Made in China” for the Kawaii & Lemon Co., Ltd in Tokyo, Japan.

Iwako & Dream Japanese Erasers are puzzles! 

Size Comparison: See! Japanese erasers fit in the palm of your hand. Most of the erasers are from 3/4″ to 1-1/4″ inches in size. The person is holding three doggies and a teddy bear. Aren’t they cute? 

I’d like to emphasize that although children—and, adults—love to collect Japanese Erasers, please remember the erasers are like puzzles. They have small parts that can be taken apart and put back together again. So it’s a good idea to keep them away from children 3 years old and younger, and also, away from pets.

My Neighbor Totoro is a 1988 Japanese animated film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. The film is the story of a professor’s two young daughters and their relationship with friendly wood spirits in postwar rural Japan. 






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